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Intraoral Camera

Using the principles of autofluorescence and chromatic amplification,SoproCare reveals dental caries as well as dental plaque and tester (also called calculus) in a real-time video stream.In addition SoproCare is the only product on the market that can reveal gingival inflammation in the same video.

In daylight mode (white light),SoproCare can also be used as a dental intramural camera,providing photographic documentation.The dental professional can now achieve complete prophylactic treatment with one device.

Clinical applications: 3 modes , 3 needs !
SoproCare meets the needs of prophylaxis by performing a complete and rapid assessment of the patient’s oral health.The SoproCare versatility is combined in 3 modes:

  • ‘’PERIO' Mode :Highlights dental plaque ,tarter and gingival inflammation ,even t early stages .
  • ‘’CARIO' Mode :Detects occlusal caries from the stage 1 (code ICDAS II)-provided caries detection in a safe ,simple and intuitive way.
  • ‘’DAYLIGHT' Mode :Macro vision makes visible the imperceptible and allows watching the stability of micro lesions and their evolution.


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